Laravel Nova Global Filter Package

by Nemrut Creative Studio on 01 May 2020

Nova Global Filter

This package allows you to broadcast any of your existing Laravel Nova filters to metrics or custom cards.



You can install the package in to a Laravel app that uses Nova via composer:

composer require nemrutco/nova-global-filter


In this example, we are registering few Metric Cards and the Global Filter with a Date filter as:

use Nemrutco\NovaGlobalFilter;
use App\Nova\Filters\Date;

class Store extends Resource
  public function cards(Request $request)
    return [
      new TotalSales // Value Metric

      new Orders, // Trend Metric

      new MostSoldProduct, // Partition Metric

      // NovaGlobalFilter
      new NovaGlobalFilter([
        new Date, // Date Filter

And now your metric cards or any other cards optimized to listen GlobalFilter can be filtered by using GlobalFilterable trait and calling $this->globalFiltered($model,$filters) method.

globalFiltered($model, $filters = []) method expect $model and $filters parameters:

use Nemrutco\NovaGlobalFilter\GlobalFilterable;
use App\Nova\Filters\Date;

class UsersPerDay extends Trend
use GlobalFilterable;

  public function calculate(NovaRequest $request)
    // Filter your model with existing filters
    $model = $this->globalFiltered(Store::class,[
      Date::class // DateFilter

    // Do your thing with the filtered $model
    return $this->countByDays($request, $model);


And that's it. Your model will be filtered based on passed filter value.

if you want to listen to Global Filter on any of Custom Cards:

created() {
  Nova.$on("global-filter-changed", filter => {
    // Do your thing with the changed filter

Good to know

  • Basic functionality of this package is that it listens all the asigned filters. Once a value of a filter is changed, it broadcasts as Nova.$on('global-filter-changed', [changed filter and value]). So any card that listens to this event, will recieve the filter and it's value.
  • This package overwrites Nova's default Metric Cards to allow them to listen "global-filter-changed" event. Make sure there are no any conflicts with other pacages.
  • This package currently does not support Index view filters to be synchronized. So filters in Global Filter will not trigger update at the filters in Filter Menu of your Index view.
  • If you are willing to support this package, it will be great to get your issues, PRs and thoughts on Github.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

Copyright ©2021 Nemrut Creative Studio